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Walmart extends green hydrogen deal for its forklifts

The nascent low-carbon hydrogen economy has been stimulated by the decision, regulatory efforts and incentives of the governments of countries such as Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as large companies that see hydrogen as a way to promote a rapid decarbonization of their production processes. .

A recently publicized example is the case of Walmart, which since 2012 has been using hydrogen fuel cells in its more than 9,500 forklifts and which has now entered into an agreement with a manufacturer of electrolyzers to use low-carbon hydrogen instead of that obtained by reforming natural gas. .

Low carbon hydrogen is considered as a solution for the decarbonization of several sectors of the economy that are highly energy demanding, such as heavy transport, aluminum, steel, mining, glass, pulp and paper, etc.

This development is worth following as we will quickly see major changes driven by regulatory and technological advances that will reduce the costs of producing low carbon hydrogen.


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