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National Electricity Agency

The National Electricity Agency (ANEEL), under the special regime of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, was established as a regular Brazilian electrician, but by Lei at 9.427 / 1996 and Decreto at 2.335 / 1997.

ANEEL initiated your individualities in December 1997 and has the following main attributions:

Regulating the production, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electricity;

Fiscalizing, directing or conveying conveyors with steady plows, concessions, permutations and electric power services;

Implement policies and directives of the federal government relating to the exploitation and exploitation of electricity and the exploitation of hydraulic potentials;

Establish tariffs;

Dirimir as divergences, in administrative sphere, between agents and between agents and consumers, and

Promoting individuals with concessions, permits, and authorizations for electricity utilities and services by delegation from the Federal Government.

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