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International Energy Agency

The AIE is at the center of the global dialogue on energy, providing comprehensive analytics, data, policy recommendations and solutions that will make real money for the driver or the energy and safety equipment available to all.

The AIE was established in 1974 to coordinate and respond collectively to large interruptions in oil use. Emborary and gas insurance continue to be a fundamental aspect of the nose, and AIE has evolved and expanded significantly since its inception.

Adopting an all-encompassing approach to all fuels and technologies, the IEA recommends policies that focus on reliability, accessibility, and energy efficiency. Examining these aspects of complete spectrum, including renewable energy, supply and demand of petroleum, gas and carbon, energy efficiency, lymphatic energy technologies, systems and conditions of electricity, access to energy, demand and demand.

Since 2015, AIE has opened its doors to major emerging countries to expand its global impact and pursue cooperation in energy security, data and statistics, analysis of energy policies, energy efficiency and energy efficiency.

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