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Fundamentals of low carbon energy technologies

You may have noticed that in recent times there has been a significant growth in research and discoveries on the development of a greener and more diversified energy matrix.

Whether due to natural, social or market factors, it is a fact that we are experiencing a moment of transition and sustainable expertise is becoming a fundamental ally for professionals in the area. However, it's not surprising to feel overwhelmed by the amount of accessible information and not sure where to start your search.

One of the most innovative areas is the hydrogen sector. Despite being the simplest of all the elements, hydrogen raises some very intriguing questions. What are the challenges of using hydrogen? What are the principles for regulation? What are the requirements for saying that hydrogen is green or low carbon? What does "carbon capture" consist of?

All of the above questions and many others related to Low Carbon Energy Technologies will be answered in a 1-day face-to-face workshop by a leading expert engaged in renewable energy research and commercialization.

The following topics will be addressed in this workshop:

• Hydrogen - Source of energy decarbonization: opportunities and challenges

• Low carbon energy generation and technologies

• Energy transition

• Primary and secondary energy sources: generation, uses and impacts

At the end of the course, you will know:

• Green hydrogen; carbon capture; carbon credits in Brazil and in the world

• Low carbon energy in Brazil and in the world: socio-environmental, economic and regulatory aspects

• How energy transitions occurred in the past and how the current transition is designed

• Why do we say that Brazil is privileged in terms of energy sources and what are the main challenges we face in the sector


• Sayonara Eliziario - Professor at the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, researcher at the Federal University of Paraíba and researcher at GESEL - Study Group of the Electricity Sector at UFRJ

Event Details:

Date: May 31, 2022 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (BRT)

Location: EIC Rio Office - Av. Rio Branco 89 room 2601 - Downtown, Rio de Janeiro

Cost: £140 or R$1,000 (EIC Members) // £200 or R$1,400 (Non-Members)

If you want to pay in BRL, please contact

Please note that this training will be conducted in Portuguese


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