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E + Energética Transition

The E + Institute Energy Transition was also inspired by the Institute of Climate and Society (iCS) team, experiencing international dialogues on energy transition and low carbon economies. The E + Institute is incubated by iCS, for, posteriorly, turning into an autonomous and independent organization.

Funded in 2018, the Institute of Energy + Energy Transition has also been connected to a global network of think tanks. These are the centers of integrated reflection of the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT) - the leader and affiliate of the Agora Energiewende, based in Germany.

From your foundation, adhering to a multidisciplinary approach, the E + Institute team and its parts we produce, produce, supply and offer according to what is most advanced in terms of energy transition.

It also includes information for qualifying or debating new regulatory, institutional and financial arrangements, in order to monitor the technological revolution that is being modified to produce, distribute and consume energy.

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