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CNI: 6 out of 10 industries have an area dedicated to sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly part of the organizational structure of Brazilian industry. Six out of 10 companies have an area dedicated to the topic, according to an unprecedented survey by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) with executives in the sector. The numbers represent a leap in relation to last year, when 34% of respondents said they had the area to deal with the matter in their organizational chart. The data was released during COP 27, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which is being held in Egypt until November 18.

According to the research, it was not only within companies that sustainability gained space. Businessmen's concern about the impact on the production chain also increased: 45% said they required environmental certificates from their suppliers and partners when closing a contract. In October last year, the percentage was 26%. The majority (52%) of the industries, according to the interviewees, also had to prove environmentally sustainable actions at the time of being contracted, against 40% in 2021.

(Photo: CNI)


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