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CCEE- Electricity Commercialization Chamber

You do not have to perceive it at all, but the Electricity Commercialization Chamber - CCEE is all about it or not. N or nosso trabalho that guarantees that electricity goes to your residence, whether it is secretory, or commercial.

We integrate manufacturers, distributors, commercializers and consumers. We are present in every stage and guarantee the conditions before the electricity is negotiated. However, CCEE is a major facilitator of energy market.

Since its inception in 1999, with its name (Asmae), we have had a great deal of credibility under its agents, public authorities and representative associations. Indicates the satisfaction of our clients continuously. Connection is the fruit of the large diário of centenarians of specialized collars, highly qualified and always in the bush of innovations.

The CCEE is a case in point, because all of it can be found in dialogue, evolution, and negation.

We invest in technologies, in natural relations and in technical conception. Operating or trading the car and guillotine of the real money in the reserves, guaranteeing the liquidity of the negations and the instability of the setter.

We want to be permanently ready for the purpose, trying to get the most out of quality services and provide solutions and improvements for the electrical set. N ols olhamos para o horizonte e apontamos o caminho. Venha conosco para o futuro!

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