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ABSOLAR - Brazilian Solar Energy Photovoltaic Association

Founded in 2013, the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR) is a national, non-lucrative alliance, with low-voltage, low-voltage solar photovoltaic (FV) valves operating in Brazil. Coordinating, representing and defending the interests of their associates quantifying the development of the market and the sector, promoting and promoting photovoltaic solar energy in the Netherlands.

We are the engine force for the Brazilian solar PV set in national and international territory. We elaborate technical studies and set up the formation, qualification and networking of sets by many parts, events, reunions and channels of digital communication.

ABSOLAR is not intended to be used as a primary source of information for public and impression agents, opinion formers, civil society and stakeholders. In this form, we promote the environment of favorable negotiations for those who want to invest and invest in the set.

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